LEGO Indiana Jones Coming In 2008

Comic-Con is turning out to be quite a spectacular event for new game announcements with titles such as Lost, Heroes and a few more games getting shown over the last few days. Well, it seems they are not done just yet as LucasArts have announced they are once again teaming with Traveller’s Tales and will be ‘brickin’ themselves‘ as they put a Lego spin on the Indiana Jones series, which will hit stores in summer 2008. But wait, it gets better as it won’t be the new film that is getting the Lego treatment, which is an unknown entity in terms of quality right now. It will in fact be the first three Indy flicks – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade – and as we know from LEGO Star Wars the original trilogy is always best.

LucasArts and TT Games are setting the bar for next-generation family entertainment with the LEGO Star Wars franchise, and our incredible relationship continues with LEGO Indiana Jones,” said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. “In addition to providing the quality bonding time inspired by any good family game, LEGO Indiana Jones delivers something a little different for everyone. Parents will enjoy the humorous take on some of their favorite movies, and their kids get some rousing action/adventure gameplay that may also introduce them to Indy’s original adventures for the first time.

It has been a real joy to work with LucasArts on the LEGO Star Wars games. Indiana Jones is the perfect character for the next LEGO-based video game adventure,” said Tom Stone, director at TT Games. “Indy also presents us with wonderful and memorable cinematic moments. The boulder scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark in LEGO is hilarious!

If all that hype is not enough for you then you’ll be happy to hear that Gametrailer’s have got their hands on the first trailer for the game, which definitely deserves a look! Warning: You’ll most likely get the seminal Indy theme stuck in your head all day if you choose to give it a watch!