Legendary Voice Actor Tony Jay Passes Away

The English born Veteran Royal Shakespeare Actor and voice artist Tony Jay having been in critical condition following micro surgery at Cedar Sinai Hospital, in April has lost long fight to recover. In April 2006, Tony Jay was admitted to Cedar Sinai Hospital for micro surgery to remove a non cancerous tumor from his lungs. In recovery his vital signs became critical and since April through strength and determination he began to recover both his breathing and mobility. Although it was a possibility that he might have been able to return home, in the next few months, on Sunday Tony Jay was unable to realize that dream. He is survived by his wife Marta and his son Adam, who follows in his fathers footsteps in the field of Acting.

Although you may have not known his name it is very likely that you have played a game that Tony lent his voice to. Throughout his life his vocal talent were used many a big name title included the likes of World of Warcraft, The Bard’s Tale and Galleon where he narrated the goings on for gamers. He also played a part in Armed & Dangerous, X-men Legends, Star Trek: Elite Force II, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver II along with countless other games far to lengthy to list.

To check out all his work (that spans well over 100 titles) that encompass’ not only game but animations as well as TV and film work you can check out Tony Jay on iMDB where you sure to find something you watched or played that you may remember him in.