Legend of Mir 3 In Open Beta!

iEntertainment Network announced today that Legend of Mir 3 has been launched in Open Beta on IENT’s gaming service. Mir 3 provides great gaming fun for online players with over 40 maps, 15 extended Quests with over 100 stages, and continuing Daily Quests.

Wemade Entertainment, a leading Korean game developer utilized its advanced technical expertise and vast gaming experience to develop the Legend of Mir 3 into a world class product. “Mir3 is an exciting game to play. It provides hours of fun and continuing challenges for players of all ages with features such as an in-game mail system, hair stylist, weddings, sieges, quests with a role-play story attached to them, and other events that are tied into the storyline of the Mir3 Legend.” Kathy Ewan, Game Master-Quality Assurance Manager. “Wemade has a real plan for continuing new development and that is great news for the Mir 3 community!

To register or learn more about the Legend of Mir 3, please visit our website at LOM3.com.