Left 4 Dead now coming autumn

It has been revealed that Left 4 Dead will no longer be hitting its summer release date, and has been dealyed until some unspecified date in the autumn. Before these two delays the game was expected to hit sometime in early 2008.

In Left 4 Dead up to four players take control of the four main characters of the game as The Survivors who play through a range of levels – such as urban cities, small hamlets, wooded rural settings, shopping malls and other such locations – and fight of The Infected, which are humans who have been infected with a mutated form of rabies resulting in 28 Days Later style zombies. The four players then fight through each level and try to reach a goal. Four subsequent players can join the server and take control of the larger, more powerful Infected with unique abilities amongst the other AI Infected.

A huge selection of weapons will be available in the game with uzi submachine guns, pump shotguns, molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs on show for the survivors. The game will also boast survivor bots for those that want to play through the game in single player. A big change from other titles is that the game will feature full body awareness in which the players will be able to see their own bodies, another change is that instead of dying when standing players will first knocked down and can then shoot from a downed position to defend themselves until helped by another Survivor.