Left 4 Dead demo arriving next week, now for those that pre-order

Valve have confirmed that both the PC and Xbox 360 demos of Left 4 Dead will go live to everyone on Tuesday 11th November. However, if you pre-order the game on Steam you will get access to the demo sometime today (November 6th).

Since it was first announced many moons ago, we have gave L4D many column inches, as the cooperative shooting of crazed 28 Days Later style zombies seems like rather good fun to us.

If you end up likeing the demo, then you will probably want to know the PC version of L4D will hit Steam on 18th November. However, if you like you console shooting then you got to wait until the 360 version sails into Euro shores on 21st November. The PS3 version will hit on the nothing day of neverton as it does not excist.