Left 4 Dead: Crash Course DLC out next week


Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters may be pleased to know that the first piece of paid downloadable content for their favourite game will be out next week on PC and Xbox 360 on the 29th September.

The Crash Course DLC bridges the gap between the existing No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns, and has been designed for shorter 30-minute Versus matches. This should be ideal for those players who don’t have the time to play a full 1-2 hour long campaign, or those experienced teams that have difficulty finding opponents who will stick it out for a whole five maps without rage quitting.

Crash Course will be free on the PC, and cost 560 MS Points (£4.76) on Xbox 360 thanks to Microsoft.

Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360 has also received a title update which adds tweaks to the Infected HUD in Versus mode, showing the recharge times for your teammates attacks, allowing you to co-ordinate your attacks even more effectively.

The patch also hints that the DLC will come with 10 more achievements for 360 gamers. Seven of these could well be the Survival mode achievements that PC players already have, as Xbox players did not get these due to Microsoft’s ban on achievements for free content.

Many ‘pro’ Left 4 Dead players have been complaining that this patch apparently drastically increases the occurence of item spawns when playing as the survivors in Versus mode, making the job of the Infected almost impossible. Valve have yet to comment on this however..