AMD’s latest – the FX-55 and 64-Bit 4000+ announced

Yes, you know the story. Intel launches one CPU, AMD launches another. Both companies scrabbling for the highest score in a benchmark, just to show people how good their CPU’s could be, if we ran an entire computer on synthetic programs.

However, its safe to say in the last year this has totally changed. In the Intel camp they where pushing furiously with the P4 Extreme Edition, whilst AMD where going hammer and tongue with their 64-Bit 939 Sockets, and highly coveted FX-51 and FX-53 CPUS. Now although AMD where doing their fellow gamers proud, and smoking the gaming benchmarks, there was still that niggling gap between the P4 EE and the AMD 64-Bits, and that gap was the video processing and to some extend the synthetic benchmarks.

Now you are probably thinking, why does this gap matter. Well then, you consider just how little control AMD have over how companies review their CPUS, it is a little worrying. A company could show the AMD as inferior just by testing it with artifical benchmarks, something of which it struggles in over Intel.

So what did AMD do, well in true American style, they brought out something bigger…and much, more powerful.

AMD have announced the launch of the FX-55 and 4000+ CPUS. The FX-55 sports a blistering 2.6Ghz Clock Speed, whilst the 4000+ has a 2.4Ghz clock speed. Other then that the architecture remains the same, with identical Level Caches. It is estimated that these CPUS will fill the small gap between them and Intel, and at a price £800 for the FX-55 and about £700 for the 4000+ the price is rather reasonable considering the price of the P4 EE.

The CPUs are shipped in 1,000 batches and we should see them hitting Europe in the Spring.