Latest GamePro Reveals New Rock Band Info

It seems that every time Guitar Hero III info is announced, Rock Band has to try and outdo it as quick as it can, and in the latest issue of GamePro, which as you’ve guessed by now is home to some juicy new Rock Band info, Harmonix try their best to top the news of the latest four songs announced for GH III. This time the big news is about the in-game venues where you’ll be strumming, shouting and banging your way to victory.

In the mag it states that Rock Band will no longer have made up venues – like The Blackout Bar, The Rat Celler, and the Harmonix Arena of the old GH games – and will instead allow you to play through the World Tour mode in famous rock cities across the globe in real venues… in fact it states there will be a collection of 41 real life venues in the game. Along with that revelation was the announcement that the full album of “Nevermind” by Nirvana (home to greats such as “Come as You Are” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) will also be available to download after launch. It will be vying for your cash alongside the previously announced album “Who’s Next” by The Who which will also be available for soon after the games launch. Finally, the article in the mag reveals the game could very well be hitting US stores on the November 6th, which is a few weeks ahead of the November 20th that was hinted at before.

Why not make you way over to the official Rock Band forums for more info.