Lair’s Done: Getting Released August 14

Although there were some murmurings about the game been hit with possible delay, it now seems all those rumours were untrue as over on the Playstation.Blog Sony have announced that Factor 5 have completed work on Lair, and the game has now gone ‘gold’ and is on the way to be manufactured. Once manufactured the game will be hitting US stores in the middle of next month, and is currently track for our August 14 release date. Regretfully, no solid Euro release date has been announced as of yet.

Factor 5 boast that the game takes full advantage of the PS3’s hardware, bringing specific attention to the fact that it will be a 25 GB game. Lair also supports full HD 1080p graphics, runs at 30 frames per second and will support 7.1 uncompressed audio. Finally, the game will be one of the first to rely heavily on the Sixaxis, so you can get motion sensing dragon on!