Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron playable in Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens

With the Twilight of the Republic and Rise of the Empire play-sets both out now, Star Wars fans eyes are turning towards The Force Awakens play-set.

It looks like they won’t have to wait too long as today Bestbuy opened pre-orders on both play-sets and new characters for the adventure. The Force Awakens play-set is listed for $34.99 and the figures are $13.99 each. All the products will be released on 18th December in line with the film release.

As you no doubt will be aware, The Force Awakens is the next big Star Wars play-set for Disney Infinity. Unknown until now though, is that it will bring new characters Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron.

As you can see the figures all share the same style of base, indicating their compatibility with The Force Awakens play-set without the need to collect cross over coins.