Konami sue Harmonix over Rock Band

Bloomberg are reporting that Konami have sued Harmonix Music Systems, Viacom and MTV Networks claiming Rock Band violates patents. The patents in question are apparently from 2002 and 2003, and are related to “simulated musical instruments”, “a music-game system” and a “musical-rhythm matching game.” Bloomberg does not directly state what games Konami filled this patents on, but it is obvious the games in question are Konami’s old Guitar Freaks and Drummania games.

Konami has issued a lot of demands as part of the suit, first looking for cash compensation, plus asking for an order that would block Viacom and Harmonix from using the inventions to accompany Rock Band. This presumably means recalling both the drum and guitar peripherals from sale should Konami win.

No party has issued a statement to the press regarding their stance on the matter as of yet.