Konami release new MGS3: Snake Eater screenshots

As you can see from the screenshots the game is looking very sharp and well detailed

New info also reveals

if you tranquilize animals that you’re planning to eat (rather than kill them outright), the meat will stay fresher and, as a result, you’ll get more benefit from eating it. also in addition to poisonous foods, the game will feature foods that Snake whose stomach will growl when he gets hungry, likes or dislikes. Although, if you repeatedly eat foods that he does not like, there’s a good chance that he’ll eventually begin to like them. Finally, it was revealed today that if you save your game at a point where Snake’s health is low, and then return to play it after an extended period of time (the example given from Konami was three weeks), Snake will have used that time to relax and recuperate. It’s not clear how quickly Snake’s health will be restored while you’re inactive though.

Thanks to Gamespot.com for all the new info.