Konami Reaffirm MGS4 In Q2 2008

We are still remaining skeptical but it seems MGS4 is nearing completion, and according to Konami is “on the eve of entering bug-checking phase.” Because of this the developer still remains committed to the game’s Q2 release date – which basically means sometime before or around July. The news comes from the Kojima Productions podcast, which is always a fun listen, and sometime we recommend to you if you are a lover of the Podcast. On the Podcast assistant producer Ryan Payton also comments “The next few months are going to be hell” but they are all set for a “simultaneous worldwide release” of the game.

As usual, we would like to try and sum up MGS4 in this paragraph, like we try to do with many other news items for those that are not following everything about the game. However, even trying to sum up anything about Metal Gear Solid would make our brains implode… so we wont do that!