Konami give us a high 5!

Written by demonj

The first of the 5 is from the man behind the Castlevania series…
As the name may well suggest it’s based in a futurist world…well nearly…2015 to be precise where nanotechnology has gone out of control thus creating cybernetic zombies! You play a cyber ninja with some really cool plasmatic sword of some kind, killing these crazed cybernetic Zombies off!
Hack ‘n’ Slash fans watch this space!

Suikoden IV
This is Suikoden’s first outing on the PS2 for European fans…Rejoice! The previous instalment was NTSC only and sold by the bucket load! But anyway concentrating on the PAL release…the gameplay, now set in 3D, is sea orientated and the game appears to be based around something called the “Rune of Punishment” while also bringing back the 108 Stars of Destiny. The game already sounds promising but maybe just one for the RPG gamer as the last one could last up to 100 hours +!

Neo Contra
The sequel to the ultra hard Contra Shattered Soldier is now on its way in fully 3D form! No mistaking that it will stay true to its 2D counterparts by being explosive, enjoyable along with that pick-up-and-play gameplay but most of all…as hard as nails!
Look here soon for more info soon!

WWX Rumble Rose
When it comes to wrestling games gamers have a wide array of choices…there’s the Smackdown! series , The Legends of Wrestling series, Def Jam Vendetta, Backyard Wrestling…the list goes on! But now the developers seem to think we are bored with seeing big, muscle bound men in latex jumping on each other, what we need is a bit of girl-on-girl action! This comes in the form of WWX Rumble Rose. No doubt there will be big breasted, made up women hitting each other with handbags…actually replace that with a big steel chair and there you have it Yuke’s, also the team behind the Smackdown! series, perfect woman-only fighting game…mmmmm.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
The last of the 5 newly announced Konami titles comes in the form of their long running Dancing games. The latest instalment includes over 100 minutes of licensed music and video’s plus the new inclusion of a mission mode, sounds exciting!

Well that’s the mini preview of the 5 newly announced Konami titles…DarkZero will bring you more gaming news if and when we get it!

Source Gamesradar