Konami Announce Lost In Blue 2

Konami has announced they are set to publish a sequel to its popular survival adventure Lost in Blue for Nintendo DS. Entitled Lost in Blue 2, the game will be released for the Nintendo handheld early 2007.

The original Lost in Blue won a legion of fans with its clever setting and use of the Nintendo DS’s touch screen capabilities. For Lost in Blue 2, Konami has worked to build on the basis of the original game to create an even deeper, more involving sequel. Once again, the player is cast as a young man who, along with a female friend, is washed up on the beach of an apparently deserted island. Working together, the pair must search for a way off the island, but also survive the many dangers that lay ahead.

The game has been designed to force the player into thinking about how they would survive in such an environment. Initially, this involves finding food and weapons, before exploring the island. But, as in real life, exploration is tiring, so the pair must rest, drink water to avoid dehydration, and find further means of sustenance – especially as the mountainous nature of the island also necessitates the heroes climbing steep rock faces and hills.

In addition to the physical elements the pair faces, Lost in Blue 2 also makes more extensive use of the touch screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS. Items are easily collected and examined by the player, while the stylus is now used for carpentry, wicker work, cooking food that would otherwise make the heroes ill, and skin diving. The two characters also boast individual skills, with the male character more physically adept at climbing, fighting and recovering his energy levels, while the girl is more accurate with a bow and arrow, can hold her breath underwater for longer and is more adept at finding ingredients for meals.

Other new elements include the ability to fight wild animals when threatened, using whatever weapons the pair have accrued. Similarly, the island’s tropical location leaves the heroes exposed to hurricanes and earthquakes, adding an unpredictable element to a game that constantly surprises and delights the player.