Kojima likes Panties+Wii more than MGS4?

In a recent interview with CVG, Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima is questioned about Metal Gear Solid 4, nintendo’s Wii console, and E3.

We’ve included some interesting statements, but the interview in its entirety can be read here.

CVG: What are your impressions of Nintendo Wii and how did Snake appear in Smash Brothers?

Kojima: I’ve played Tennis, Zelda and Mario on Wii. I find Tennis very interesting. I played the early version but the E3 version is far more advanced. As a game designer, I’m very interested in creating something for the Wii. I’d like to run away from MGS 4 creation and create something for the Wii but unfortunately, I don’t have anything that I can announce at the moment. I have lots of ideas for Wii but I have a heavy schedule with MGS 4 and Metal Gear Online. Concerning Snake’s appearance on Wii in Smash Brothers, I’m friends with the designer of the game and I thought it would be nice if you could play as Snake – when I heard about the new game last year, I contacted the designer and we started working together.

CVG: How about E3 2006 – Seen anything exciting?

Kojima: I haven’t had a lot of time to walk around the convention centre yet. My feelings are that the show has a little less energy than last year, even though I was really looking forward to the show so I could see Wii and PS3 games and Xbox 360 games a year on. I’d like to go and play Gears of War. Also, I hear there’s a GTA style game at the show where you try to steal panties (laughs). It’s a very interesting idea and I’d like to check it out this afternoon. I understand they’re giving away free panties…

CVG: The future war setting of MGS 4 is quite bleak, especially as we see Snake with a gun in his mouth in the trailer. Are there any rays of light which could see romance or something similar lift the story?

Kojima: Yes! It won’t all be dreadful! There probably won’t be any romance in MGS 4, however, as Snake will not fall in love. There are many characters that appear in the game and it’s the drama that occurs between the people that leads the story. So, in that sense, it’s not just Snake that has a chance of a positive story line.