Hideo Kojima Like Wii, Against High-Def

Hideo Kojima – the only man in the world I can directly accuse of giving me a bad case of sunburn – has sounded of letting everyone know his thoughts on high definition gaming saying that he does not really mind how clean Metal Gear Solid games tend to look.

Speaking to GamePro he said “We’re not the ones who are saying we want HD. I’m not interested, myself, about HD at all. [In MGS] we deliberately make the graphics look dirtier to give the atmosphere more life.

Of course all this talking against HD was only leading to one place… which is of course the Wii. When asked if he would enjoy developing for the console he said “I want to do it, I’m saying this everyday. But first, I have to face this giant that is called Metal Gear Solid 4, so until I’m finished with that, I can’t do anything.“.