Kojima Including Psychological Battles In MGS4

Hideo Kojima has currently being spending some time talking about Metal Gear Solid 4 down at the little talked about GO3 Entertainment Expo in Australia. At the event he revealed to the audience that he will feature psychological effects and battles in the latest edition of the MGS trilogy.

To make it very simple, in the past Metal Gears, Snake was going into enemy environments–so everyone apart from Snake was an enemy,” Gamespot reported that Kojima said. “This time it’s a warzone, so you have country A or country B, so Snake could interfere with either of the countries. It does not necessarily mean that everyone is an enemy to Snake. This creates a new tension in playing this new hide and seek. I would also like to challenge the PS3’s CPU power for not only what you can see, but also psychological effects, or psychological battles, where it can affect your gameplay.

MGS might be getting all psychological for it first venture onto the PS3 but something tells me Psycho Mantis wont me moving my controller with his mind powers this time round though!