Hideo Kojima Greyscale

Kojima asks ‘Is this real life’ with new Fox Engine images

For the past few years, Hideo Kojima and his production team, have being working on Fox Engine, which will be the base for all of their future games going forward. It is still work in progress, but today he has shown off some very impressive Fox Engine screenshots, showcasing what the engine is capable of. Bellow, you can see two set of screens – one is a real life photo, and one is created (according to Kojima) using the Fox Engine tech. Guess away!

Did you guess right? Left is real, and right is engine.

Kojima Productions comments that one of the key facets of Fox Engine is the display of accurate physics-based lightning on screen, which is the main reason some of these screens look so good. Obviously, the screenshots are much lower resolution than a game would run at, which hides some of the imperfections, but stilml it is exciting to see Kojima Productions are experimenting with so clever stuff that should lead to exciting advancements in coming years.

Also, behold horses!