Koei To Bring Two Quality RPG’s To Europe

Koei today announced their plans to bring two highly acclaimed RPG titles to the European market. An agreement has been established between Koei and the Japanese publisher and developer Nippon Ichi to publish both award winning ‘La Pucelle’ and the almighty ‘Phantom Brave’ in Europe.

Following the deal that brought the critically acclaimed Disgaea to the European market, both parties are delighted to be working together again on these two new titles. Steve Marks, Marketing and PR Manager for Koei Ltd, spoke favourably of the acquisition

It is a pleasure to be working with Nippon Ichi yet again. In Disgaea they gave us a AAA title and the feedback we received has proved to us that there will be great demand for these two titles. The two new games from Nippon Ichi fit in extremely well with our brand strategy and both La Pucelle and Phantom Brave will be very valuable additions to our ever-growing catalogue. Both titles are highly acclaimed and we are delighted to be able to offer top quality RPG games to fans across Europe“.

[b[Phantom Brave[/b]

– Format PlayStation 2
– Launch date – February 2005

In the year 921, in a world called Ivoire lives Marona, a 13 year old orphaned girl with a special ability to communicate with phantoms. Her ability brings resentment from others, but cheerful Marona is undeterred. Marona believes in her parent’s teaching that people will one day come to like her as long as she stays compassionate and kind.

Marona is a Chroma, a magical mercenary of sorts, in the archipelago world of Ivoire.

Unlike most Chromas, however, Marona possesses the power to summon phantoms and is always accompanied by Ash, her dead parents’ former companion as they bid to resolve disputes around the world.

In Phantom Brave players will take on the role of Marona to complete missions assigned by the clients. Players are not alone in their quest though as Marona is able to create custom Phantom troops that you manage and control in battle.

Features include

No battle map grids = Free roaming battle maps allow you to place your characters anywhere.

Create your custom characters from over 400 different skills and magical spells.

Over 100 hours of gameplay.

Unlimited variation of dungeon maps to satisfy even the most hardcore gamer.


La Pucelle Tactics

– Format PlayStation 2
– Launch date – Spring 05

Legend warns that one day the Dark Prince, beloved and powerful servant of the fallen Angel Calamity, will rise to cover the world in darkness. But where there is darkness, so must there be light. When the Dark Prince appears, so too will a girl known as the Maiden of Light, servant of the Goddess Poitreene and worker of miracles.

The three rag-tag centres of the world here are outspoken ‘Prier’, her little brother ‘Culotte’, and their mysterious babysitter, ‘Alouette’. All three are members of La Pucelle, a church-sponsored demon-hunting squad. Of course, not all is right in the world or even within Prier’s own holy institution. Demons and the undead roam the world, and it’s up to La Pucelle to defeat these wandering souls and purify the land. As the principle character ‘Prier’ – a 16 year old demon hunter, you’ll journey through the treacherous medieval Europe in this occult tale of deception and betrayal.

Features include

Use obstacles and terrain features on the battlefield for strategic advantage.

Attack simultaneously or in waves of up to 8 units.

Combine your weapons to create special items or gain magical abilities.

Over 120 hours of gameplay with 12 enormous and distinct chapters, with hidden side quests and stages.