Klonoa Wii drops to £15 before it’s even bloomin’ released


We are kinda getting used to quick price drops nowadays, with the likes of Madworld and LittleBigPlanet having the most spectacular drops. However, most of them sat at a rather highish price before release.

Now along comes the Wii version of Klonoa, which comes out this week (Friday 22nd May), and it has broke this price dropping record, selling at a pre-order price of £14.99 on Play.com, a solid $10 drop from the RRP.

If you have not being keeping up to date, Klonoa Wii is a remake of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, a 1997 PlayStation game. It was already released in the US early this month, and in Japan at the tail end of last year to rather good reviews.

An A+ came from 1UP, Famitsu gave it a 36 out of 40, IGN went for 8 out of 10, and Nintendo Power awarded it a 9 out of 10.