King Kong Wins Best PS2 Game At GC in Leipzig

Peter Jackson’s King Kong has been awarded the titles of the best PS2 game at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. The prize was selected by a panel of six leading media specialists. More than 134,000 visitors and 280 exhibitors attended the Games Convention 2005, making it the biggest game fair in Europe.

Describing the game, the jury shared why they selected the game as Best of GC PS2 “Peter Jackson’s King Kong shows how an intense game environment can be created when a game designer and movie director collaborate on a video game project. The action adventure game transports players inside the movie and allows them to see what’s possible in a video game – in contrast to movies. The world in which King Kong lives seems so real and enthralling that players will do everything they can to survive.”

This major award is especially satisfying in respect to all the hard work that is being put into making the game a worthy adaptation of the upcoming King Kong movie,” said Alain Corre, Ubisoft’s Executive Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Ubisoft’s teams have put out all stops to make sure players will undergo an unforgettable journey that will last long after they put down their controllers.”

Does this mean that companies may finally start to created fantastic titles based on movies? Hopefully Ubisoft will live up to they hype and other companies will follow suit in the coming months and years.