Killer 7 Finally Hitting Japan On March 24

After over a year of dancing around the subject, Capcom has finally announced a release for its long-delayed shooter Killer 7. The game will be simultaneously released for both the GameCube and PlayStation 2 in Japan on March 24 for JPY 7,140 ($68). No American release date has been announced, However expect this to follow in the 2nd quarter of 2004.

Developed by Gouichi Suda and his development studio Grasshopper Company, Killer 7 was first announced in 2002 as a GameCube exclusive as part of the famous Capcom 5. However, a PlayStation 2 edition was also announced in early 2004.

In the cel-shaded game, you take the role of Harman Smith, an elderly wheelchair-bound assassin who can switch between his seven multiple personalities to eliminate his targets.

This game has looked like it may finally deliver, especially in the substance over style department (of which the game looks stunning in). High hopes are pinned on this game… More info soon.