Kid Icarus Wii To Be Announced In Leipzig?

IGN’s Matt Cassaminassa is up to his old tricks. this time is is hinting at a return for Kid Icarus. He recently posted on the IGN Wii boards with a topic with the title “Is the Kid back?” (note the question mark).

From there he goes to say:

Don’t pass out or anything. This is really JUST a rumor at this point and we have no reason to believe it’s true. But that said, one of the things floating around GC 2006 right now is that Nintendo may announce a new Kid Icarus for Wii.

Again, a rumor. R-U-M-O-R. And it’s more likely to be false than not, which is why I’m merely posting it to the boards right now.

Say it with me: Rumor.

Good. Now that we have that out of the way, sure would be pretty cool if it could, by some chance, turn out to be true.


We are not sure what Matt thinks at all. Maybe the rumour speaks the truth he is just having some fun with people, maybe it just messing with our minds or maybe he is unsure of what his source (whoever it may be) told him and he is just covering his ass… We will all find out soon enough