Katamari Creator Bringing Nobi Nobi Boy To PS3

At the PlayStation Premier event in Japan Namco Bandai has revealed a new game from the creator of Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi. It goes by the name Nobi Nobi Boy and is scheduled to hit PS3 some time in the future. Okay, stop laughing it may sound weird but Nobi means “to stretch” in Japanese, so the name makes sense.

IGN report that the idea behind the game sees you control a worm-like character who appears to stretch and grow. From the simple artwork released the character style does seem a bit familiar and should interested those who loved Katamari. Of course, this game may all seem a bit surreal and weird right now, but who thought rolling around a sticky ball could be so much fun, let not dismiss this just yet. Also, dont laugh at the screen below, please!