Katamari Coming To Wii PS3 Version No More

It is been reported that Namco Bandai are now focusing on bringing Beautiful Katamari to Wii and 360 instead of the previously announced PS3 and 360 – as the PS3 version of game has been apparently canned. The news has yet to be officially confirmed by the company but according to IGNsources close to Namco Bandai” have said that “the studio ran into some trouble with the port of the game to PlayStation 3 and these issues, coupled with the stalled sales of the system, have led to the project’s quiet cancellation.”

Now, while Beautiful Katamari is hardly going to be a highly graphical intensive game it is thought that the Wii and 360 versions of Beautiful Katamari will be different games, with a few more differences between the two other than just graphics and control alterations. Some are even reporting that this change in platform could have been part of a deal agreed by Microsoft and Namco Bandai to secure the ‘next-gen’ version of Beautiful Katamari as an Xbox 360 exclusive.