Kameo Fan Site Kit Available Now

Webmasters and casual fans alike now have the ability to create a fan site worthy of the next great action-adventure game — “Kameo Elements of Power.” Microsoft Game Studios and Rare today announced that the Fan Site Kit (FSK) for this epic Xbox 360-exclusive, is now available. The new FSK offers tons of essentials for building an impressive fan site, including character renders and other hi-res artwork, logos, backgrounds, web-ready buttons and information about the game. The “Kameo Elements of Power” FSK is available for download here.

From renowned game developer Rare, “Kameo Elements of Power,” grants players the ability to morph into unique and incredible warriors allowing the main character Kameo to search out and battle ever-present evil. Boasting impeccable next-generation graphics and innovative gameplay, “Kameo Elements of Power” shines as a giant leap in game development. Continuing its legacy of creating dynamic puzzles, immersive combat and enormous environments, Rare fuses multiple genres to create a strikingly fun gaming experience destined for widespread appeal. For up-to-date information on “Kameo Elements of Power,” visit the official expanded site here.