Joystiq Fires Summa After ‘HypeGate’

Via a post on Destructoid Robert Summa has told the gaming world he has been fired from Joystiq after the fiasco that took place last night. The whole thing began when Summa posted a news story hyping the blog’s readers up for “big next-gen news” that would be published on the site early the next day at 12:01AM. 100’s of other sites then decided to run with the news putting up the own news posts and comments as they waited through the following hours.

As the hours passed, Summa revealed through comments on his original post on Joystiq that the news would be “Wii related” and “would not be a peripheral” amongst many other hints. In the end almost 1000 comments were posted on Joystiq site and when the news was finally posted by Summa people were not happy and felt duped by the shambles of events with many questioning the motives of Joystiq for hyping what was hardly earth-shattering news.

In his comment on Destructoid Summa commented that “First of all, I mean no ill will toward Joystiq and the guys that run it. They are trying to do their thing, and I respect that. But, overall, I feel that they are headed in a direction that was counter to what I felt was the real reason I visited it and other gaming blogs in the first place. I went to game blogs to not only get info quickly without resorting to sites like IGN, but also to have a little fun with the whole thing. After all, isn’t that what video games are supposed to be, fun?

We personally think the whole thing has gotten completely out of hand. The news should not have being hyped to start with, but if you check back though Joystiq’s history you can easily see Summa’s posts are some of their more entertaining news (with most of his stuff not being re-hashes of stuff that was recently posted on IGN, Gamespot and others). If you want to read his full story on Destructoid click here.