Jesus Is Now An Xbox360 Fan

As if the world is not bizarre enough, now it seems as if Jesus is apparently an Xbox 360 fan. eBay currently has an auction for the “WORLD FAMOUS JESUS 360 – Image of Jesus on XBOX 360.”

The seller describes the item as

This XBOX 360 package has an Image of a man in the resemblance of Jesus on the back of the packaging. I did not alter the package in any way. This is a natural occurance of something beyond my understanding. The appearance of this image is comprised of a manipulation of the plastic, enclosing the package… I tried to rub it off, but I cannot. I am not auctioning the Image, but if you do happen to buy this XBOX 360, the image will inevitably be included, for it is part of the packaging. I can guarantee in writing, that I did not attempt to fabricate this occurance in any way. The image is open for interpretation. You decide.

Head over to the auction now and Jump In For Jesus! (the auctions is currently at a stupidly high bid of $2,025.00)

Source Play Girls