Japanese Site Details Wii Music

A Japanese website has just posted the first details on the upcoming Wii Music. Unfortunately, even with these new details everything about the game still seems a bit vague, however it is nice to get these small morsels of info.

The small morsels consist of learning that the game will feature many songs from the Nintendo sound team, with the game possibly featuring many tunes from Nintendo games of old. The game will also be much deeper than originally thought as not only will you be able to be the conductor, but you’ll also be able to control up to 40 different parts of the orchestra (with different parts been available depending on the song you are playing). Up to six parts of a particular song can be played together, with up to four players playing different sections, and the CPU taking over for the other two. Then, if less people play the CPU will take over those extra places.

Another interesting facet of the game is that each instrument will involve different movements of the Wiimote(s) and Nunchuk. However, not all will mimic the exact way you play the instrument in real life, and will instead be altered to best suit the Wii control scheme. For example, if you chose to play the drums you can use two Wiimotes to mimic playing that section. However, if you are playing guitar it’s a bit less intuitive as you will use the C button on the Nunchuk as a pick. Finally, if you choose the trumpet you can make higher and lower notes depending on the angle you hold the Wiimote.

It really seems like they are putting lots of effort into this, so lets hope it turns out well.