Japanese PSP Firmware Upgrade 2.5 Out

In the war against homebrewers Sony hasannounce a firmware upgrade for the PSP. This 2.50 fix should offer a more stable wall against letting hackers run homebrew applications and games on their PSP’s. But many sites are reporting that 2.50 could be easier to hack than 2.01 as copyright video can be played on a memory stick, and the location free player has been added. Those two programs could open up potentially exploitable loopholes. Future games should now need a 2.50 update to play so if you don’t have the time or patience to download it (or you just want to keep playing you homebrew stuff) then expect to see it on a big name title in a few months time to entice users to upgrade

2.50 Features Include
– Location Free Player has been added for streaming TV (this does not remove the region lock for UMDs)
– Auto Select and Uni Code have been added to encoding in browser
– Text size and display mode can be saved in browser
– Input history in browser can be saved
– Copyright Video can now be played under mem stick
– Set via internet (time and date off the net)
– WPA AND PSK have been added to network setting
– Korean input on keyboard