Japan PlayStation video store ready, Europe still waiting

As you most likely have already noticed the US arm of the PlayStation video store went live during the course of E3, and it now appears those in Japan will be getting their PS Store video service fairly soon as well, as Sony has revealed that Japanese launch for the service will take place in September.

According to IGN the big hitter of the launch will be Bounen no Zamudo, a new anime. The service will have this anime exclusively for download on a rental basis in HD and SD. A HD download of one episode will cost 400 yen, and the SD version will cost 300 yen. Over time each of the anime’s 26 episodes will be made available in the territory.

At this time no other content has been announced for the store as of yet, but there will be of course much more available to download that just one single show. On the other hand, SCEE have remained quite and have said next to nothing about a time-frame for the Euro launch of said store. We feel like collectively poking everyone at Sony Europe to wake them up