Jamie Oliver bringing Cooking Guide style game to DS

Atari have announced that the incredibly annoying TV chef Jamie Oliver will be jumping aboard the interactive cookbook bandwagon that the recently released Cooking Guide by Nintendo started. His title will be called What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver, and it will apparently be available just in time for Christmas.

The game will take players through many cooking situations, letting them sort out lists for shopping, telling budding cooks how to arrange and prepare food for best results, and most importantly instructing everyone on how to serve up meals. All in all, it sounds just like Nintendo’s Cooking Guide, which begs the question why not just buy that instead?

“I really want to get as many people as I can cooking simple, tasty food, so I’m really excited about bringing a book’s worth of my recipes to a game for the first time,” said Jamie Oliver, who mysteriously did not use the words pukka” or “wicked” at all.