James Cameron to utilize first-person view in 12-minute Avatar chase


Gamers are certainly used to viewing things from a first-person perspective, with the view so familiar that we never seem to be shocked or amazed by it any more.

First-person shooters are released almost every month. Metroid Prime actually put us inside the protagonists helmet for the first time. Mirror’s Edge adopted the view as well, with its own little eccentricities to make it feel special. Furthermore, racing games have recently gave us a direct view of the action, sitting us right in the seat of the car.

All the games use different techniques to make the view feel right, with subtle blurring and soft rocking of the cross-hairs to make it feel realistic.

However, films never seem to get this right, with the most memorable attempt being the FPS view during one of the scene in the film version of Doom feeling very gimmicky.

It seems James Cameron wants to try and right this wrong though, as it’s been revealed that he plans to include a 12-minute chase scene in his upcoming project, Avatar, which will be viewed completely from first-person perspective of the chaser.

Apparently, Cameron is set to use a myriad of never-before seen techniques to make his vision of such a scene feels as real as possible. Slashfilm report that little touches such as a simulated blinking effect, and gradual blurring of the image will be used to bring the scene to life.

As gamers, such a scene should be very interesting to us, and it should be exciting to see how it turns out. Furthermore, it may even lead to developers opting to include some of his techniques in future games should he succeed in his undertaking.