Jack Thompson Runs Out Of Continues

In what probably will be the best news you hear all weekend it seems that Jack Thompson is now on his last life, has no continues and is completely out of quarters. The people at America’s National Institute on Media and the Family have made it known that beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not want their name connected in any way with a man who uses “extreme hyperbole” and likes “personally attacking individuals.” Finally the man that many gamers thought was a bit crazy with the tactics he uses is finally be outed by his own people who are fighting for the same cause but in much more sensible way.

The founder of America’s National Institute on Media and the Family Dr David Walsh, wrote an open letter to Thompson (who lets not forget called gamers a lower species at one point), a copy of which was obtained by US website Game Politics. The letter was also sent to the likes of Senator Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Doug Lowenstein of the ESA – the same Doug Lowenstein whom Thompson has previously compared to Hitler.

Dr Walsh explains in the letter that he established the institute ten years ago “to engage in research and education about the effects of media on children’s health and development.” Walsh writes that “one of the areas of most concern to the institute is the effects of violent media.. I know that you share that common concern and I am well aware that you have frequently cited me and our organisation as a source of scientific information,” Walsh continues.

However, over the past few months, I and members of my board have a growing concern that your use of our name, without our permission, has had a negative influence as we try to educate the public on this important issue. Your commentary has included extreme hyperbole and your tactics have included personally attacking individuals for whom I have a great deal of respect… Some of the people that you have publicly criticised are not only people of integrity, but are people who have worked to improve the lives of children.”

Walsh goes on to note that Thompson has been using his name in correspondence even though they have no formal relationship, creating the impression “That we condone these tactics. We do not. The result is that our position and reputation as a research based, non-partisan, solution-focused organisation has been jeopardised. Consequently, I ask that you cease using the institute’s or my name in any way that would give the impression that we support your efforts.” Walsh also requests that Thompson remove the link to the institute’s website from his own site.

Common sense may now be finally prevailing and Jack Thompson’s fight (if you could call it that) now maybe coming to an end. I for one won’t mind if I never have to read one of his inane rambling again but I am sure he will rear his ugly head one more to try and dig himself out of this hole he his now in but lets hope this will be the last we hear of him for quite some time.

Source Eurogamer