Jack Thompson, Now Also A Liar!

As some of you may remember the great, and perhaps at times slightly out of control Jack Thompson issued an open letter to the video games industry in which he outlined his idea for a game where the CEO of fictional company Take This, Paula Eibel, is murdered along with her husband and children. He proposed that if any developer agreed to make the game, Thompson will donate $10,000 to the charity of choice of Paul Eibeler, the CEO of Take Two. Well it seem that a team of GTA modders called the Fighting Hellfish has stepped up to the plate and created a San Andreas mod for the PC. Which is slighly based upon the blueprint devised from the mind of Jack Thompson. If you want to download the mod feel free to visit Defamation of Character A Jack Thompson Murder Simulator and download it to your computer. The site describes the mod as


[i]Mild mannered Christian attorney by day, Jack Thompson moonlights as Banman, a homicidal hero who cuts through immorality and beauracratic laws with an automatic rifle. Utilizing his Schwarzenegger sized personal arsenal and his trusty Bannedwagon, Banman fights the evil video game industry’s dirty tactics. From destroying trucks to make sure the children are kept safe from violent games, to fighting off an armed rebellion of lesbians, feminists, and female golfers led by General Janet Reno, Banman puts it all on the line to protect the homeland.

Jack Thompson meanwhile sets himself hard to work at protecting the youth through the power of the lawsuit, finally going after those evil Super Mario Bros. But looming on the horizon lies a dangerous killer, whom Jack is stereotypically positive trained on Halo and GTA. Will Jack be able to save the youth of America while also having to fend off the maniacal machinations of Doug Lowenstein, and the combined might of the ESA, hackers, and Electronic Arts, all while making it to his press conference on time?

When is a guy supposed to have time for a shower?[/i]

Game Features
– Experience an all new mind bending story in the GTA San Andreas engine, told through original levels and cutscenes.
– Chase a few ambulances, hold a press conference, or cruise for information as attorney Jack Thompson.
– Use superpowers like bullet time and regenerating armor to battle it out with Jack’s long time personal nemeses Janet Reno and Doug Lowenstein.
– Learn more about Jack through in game dialogue full of real Jack Thompson quotes.
– Piss off a real asshole by having a hearty laugh at his expense.

But of course the excitemnt does not end there not only is Mr Thompson unsatisfied with the mod, he claims his earlier proposal was merely intended as satire, to “highlight the patent hypocrisy and recklessness exhibited by the video game industry’s willingness to target cops, women, homosexuals, and other groups with some of their violent games.” He then proceeds to ridicule gamers and the “video game community” for their lack of insight into his keen wit.

…and the hole is now getting deeper, keeping going Jack!