Jack Thompson Comments On Manhunt 2

Jack Thompson has taken the time to speak out and air his opinion on the ERSB (the US ratings board) and the rating of Manhunt 2 in the country. Now, usually when we post something like this we’d split up the quotes a bit and intersperse it with [no doubt highly hilarious] comments of our own. However, seeing as this is good ole Mr. Thompson talking and quite frankly we are sick of him (even when he talks the truth 1 times out of every then) we will just cut and paste what he said. Now go ahead and read it if you want.

This is all absolutely delicious. I warned Take-Two months ago that there would be huge problems if it went ahead with Manhunt 2. Who was right about that kiddies?

Secondly, the BBC and the world are now laughing at Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick for his idiotic statement yesterday that Manhunt 2 is “a fine piece of art.” Find the BBC story on that!

Right, and Jack the Ripper was his generation’s Rembrandt. Please.

Take-Two has been hemorrhaging cash over the last few financial quarters, and this must makes it worse. I love it.

If you all would stop and think about this for a minute, this development is a HUGE benefit to the video game industry. It fits nicely with their argument that the ESRB ratings are real and actually mean something.

Responsible people within the industry, even Doug Lowenstein, have been saying for quite sometime that Take-Two had become a problem for the entire industry because it was painting a bullseye on the back of the whole industry and making it more difficult for the industry to get US politicians off its back.

Now the ESRB does something that indicates is might be trustworthy, and you nitwits go bonkers because of that development.

Grow up and smell the hot coffee. This is the best thing that could have happened to the industry. The isolation and ostracism of Take-Two by the industry was long overdue.

Now that it has come, rejoice.