Iwata Talks Wii, PS3 and Console Prices

In an interview Wednesday with the Seattle P-I, Iwata discussed Nintendo’s business strategy and other subjects — including Sony’s newly unveiled motion-sensitive controller for the PlayStation 3, and the negative reaction to the name Wii. Here are a few extracts from the QandA

Question: Sony showed its own motion-sensing controller this week. What do you think?

Answer: A motion-sensing controller that you hold with both hands is completely different from one that you can use with either your right or left hand. Worldwide, bloggers have been writing that they copied us, but I don’t really think we’ve been copied. I don’t think at all that we’ve lost Wii’s advantage. We’ve come out with a unique, new innovation. I think the fact that a company would do something similar is an admission from the outside that it has value. So instead of getting angry, we should celebrate.


Question: Unlike Sony, you did not announce pricing or the launch date for your new console this week. On pricing, can you give a general sense for how you might compare to something like the $600 version of the PlayStation 3?

Answer: First of all, all we’ve said is that we’ll have an affordable price range. We’re using “affordable” in the sense that the price won’t be significantly higher than Nintendo’s prices have been historically. Compared with $600, anything is affordable, so it’s absurd to even compare our price.


Question:When do you plan to announce the pricing and launch date?

Answer: Microsoft didn’t announce Xbox 360’s price at last year’s E3. And the year before that, the prices for the PSP and the DS weren’t announced, so I don’t think it’s unusual at all that we’re not announcing the price at E3 this time. But the Wii will come out in the fourth quarter, so I expect to talk about it around summer.


To read to whole QandA direct you browser over to this link at Seattle P-I