Iwata speaks: I’m afraid that third parties may not

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It’s bound to be different, so different, in fact, that it could alienate third parties.

“If the next generation platforms are going to create even more gorgeous looking games using further enhanced functionality, and if that next-gen market can still expand the games industry, then I’m afraid that third-parties may not support Nintendo,” he said.

Making comment of the DS and its wide spread, well received launch, he makes mention of the different approach of the Revolution.

“On the other hand, what we are trying to do is such a different thing, and people have come to realize that the approach we have taken with Nintendo DS can actually expand the market beyond what existing platforms can do. Therefore I believe there should be more third parties who are willing to support Nintendo’s new ideas.”

Ultimately, it all comes down to where the Revolution is headed, what developers will support it, and if its features will be utlised to full potential, stating “If we receive the support of the licensees, I believe we will expand third party support,” he said. “If our ideas cannot be appealing enough, then we cannot receive third party support.” .