Its Time To Make Some Crazy Money! In London!!

Data Design Interactive has secured the license to create a driving game based on the Official FX4 London Black Cab. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen get ready for “London Taxi” it is will hit stores in the near future. The game will be set all across London and will include recognizable landmarks such as Trafalgar square, Big Ben and Hyde Park.

When questioned Stewart Green of Data Design Interactive said “This is a great arcade title, that you can just pick up and play, smashing fun, weaving between the traffic, racing against the clock, chase, smash, and crash, the emphasis is on great fun. As developers we have come up with a great playable game, and then chosen the classic Black cab as the ideal vehicle and London as the best environment to race in. It is great to have the chance to write games for gamers, rather than just another film license. The London Taxi game will be based on what Black cabs do best; collecting customers and taking them to famous London destinations within the time limit to get paid. There will be different routes, obstacles and busy traffic to transverse before picking up one of the many paying customers waiting for a lift. London Taxi will feature a realistic map of central London for players to race around. The Official FX4 London Black cab itself is perfectly rendered, and features environment mapping to bring out the high-polished look of the famous London Black Cabs.

Although the game appears to bear more than a passing resemblance to certain Sega title that I am sure you all know. Weather it will share the same play mechanics as that title we do not know yet but Data Design Interactive should take care as we all know what happened when Simpson’s Road Rage copied Crazy Taxi this time last year pixel for pixel this time last year. Their is no doubt Sega’s legal department are all ready on the prowl,

London Taxi is being developed for PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP we will give you more news and a release date as soon as we get it.