It’s time for battle – Europa Universalis IV: Art of War expansion released

Paradox Interactive has released the Art of War expansion for the incredibly in-depth strategy game Europa Universalis IV, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Paradox Interactive are stating that this could be the largest DLC they have crafted in the history of the company. Art of War includes a broad selection of updates and features for Europa Universalis IV, including the most detailed and historically accurate map in any released Paradox strategy game.

Below is a quick breakdown of the new content from the press release;

  • Take a good look at the new map! 900 new provinces, over a hundred new national tags, all with the aim of giving the rest of the world the attention to historic detail we’ve always given Europe. The Manchu, Inca and Aztec are no longer empires in 1444, West Africa is more divided, India is denser and richer with provinces and wealth.

  • Since the new Reformation and Religious League mechanics are highlights of “Art of War”, consider playing the Thirty Years War bookmarked date, or starting the Grand Campaign as a European nation (Bohemia, Denmark, Ulm…France or Austria if you like things easy.) Pay attention to how the Reformation spreads and how the Counter Reformation triggers new religious alliances that will fight over the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Rebels are no longer necessarily local issues. The new “Unrest” system lets revolters gradually build support for armed uprising depending on their strength throughout the nation. Just keeping one or two provinces suppressed might not be enough.

  • The new Local Autonomy statistic measures how closely your provinces are connected to the capital. More autonomous provinces are less likely to revolt, but also deliver less income to the government. Overseas provinces will always have relatively higher autonomy than homeland territory, newly conquered provinces will take some time to adjust to the new regime and some nations, such as the Ming, will almost always have a higher minimum autonomy for their provinces.

  • If you get to the late game, you can see how we’ve changed Revolutions. New war declarations, new peace options and, at a certain point, you can create customized client states.

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War is available now for £14.99 on Steam

Below is the release trailer for this shiny new expansion.