It’s Official SCEA Delays GT4 To “Early 05”

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that the Japanese Gran Turismo 4 release date has slipped from December 3 to the new date of December 28. The company explains that the game had some unexpected tuning requirements that held up its release. To make these necessary adjustments, the game will miss its previously allotted ship date.

This news prompted SCEA to announce a new ship date for US gamers and thus Gran Turismo 4 now moves from the once rock solid date December 14 to a rather bland “sometime in the January-March window next year date.

The statement released by SCEA said “[i]]Natural challenges with finalizing all the key features and localization issues across worldwide territories have led to the difficult choice of pushing back the release date in order to ensure that Gran Turismo 4 lives up to the exacting standards of the 36 million-plus fans worldwide that have purchased previous versions of the franchise”.[i]

Because of this new delay we here at DarkZero believe that the once removed online mode may be reinstalled once again as the team now have the extra time to make adjustments.