It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Charizard!

The results are in and the charts say it all.

W/E 26th September, 2004 – All formats

1. * Pokemon FireRed – GBA
2. v The Sims – PC
3. * Pokemon LeafGreen – GBA
4. * Eyetoy Play – PS2
5. * Warhammer 40K DoW – PC
6. * Rome Total War – PC
7. v Burnout 3 – PS2
8. * Star Wars Battle Front – Xbox
9. ^ Sing Star – PS2
10. v Athens 2004 – PS2

* New Entry ^ Upward move v Downward move

The two games deputed at posies 1 and 3, just showing that the Pokemon craze is still alive and well, in Australia anyway.

I bought Leaf Green last Thursday and I have one very big gripe… The game won’t allow your pokemon to evolve into new evolutions not found in the original Red and Blue until you have the National Dex!! Stupid Golbat, and I wanted to teach you fly…. Nevertheless, nostalgia at its finest.

Each game is rated G8+ (Mild Gambling References) and have RRPs of $69.95.


Charts thanks to GfK Australia .