Is The PS3 Truly Unbreakable?

A broken PS3 seems to be a very, very rare thing, and unlike the 360 (I am on my third) and the PS2 (they always used to turn iffy after a year of play), seeing an out of order PS3 needs a veritable bucket load of searching (unless you stumble across that sledgehammer video). In all honesty, at the very least, it is unlikely the PS3 will end up costing the company $1 billion for a myriad of different repairs! Well, now it seems the guys over at PS3 Vault have also noticed this, and as a result have tired to unmercifully kill their PS3.

So, how exactly do you try and kill a PS3? Well, that is actually more complicated than you would think, and it seems a stringent set of rules have been put in place to make it a fair test. In fact, the site ran three separate 108 hour tests on the PS3, with each test taking place under various conditions, to give the console a run for it money. Yes, all Five Hundred Ninety Nine US Dollars of it! Interestingly, the results of the test showed that even while continually using a PS3 in a standard living room, in the back of a freezer van, and in a hot sauna it never failed, and all in all it seems the console never even got close to breaking once. At worst, it just developed a few rattles, and got a bit warm come the end of each test, not bad!

So if the Xbox 360 is Samuel L. Jackson and the PS3 is Bruce Willis, what part does the Wii’s play in all this? Maybe it is Hayden Panettiere?