Introversion Software’s DEFCON Dated

Introversion Software (of Darwinia fame) today announced they will be releasing their third title, DEFCON, at the end of September 2006. DEFCON will be retailed on Introversion’s online store at £10 for download, and £12.50 for a download with a boxed copy (sent by post). A pre-order offer will go live mid-September, running for two weeks, where customers will have the opportunity to buy DEFCON for £10 and receive a complimentary boxed copy of the game. DEFCON will also be offered in a bundle pack with Introversion’s two previous games Uplink and Darwinia for £30.

We are really excited about DEFCON; it’s an incredibly fascinating and nervous game to play” said Chris Delay, lead developer at Introversion Software, “DEFCON is exactly what people should be expecting from us, an innovative, utterly off-the-wall and addictive game experience.” PC Format(UK) agreed when they wrote'”It’s continent versus continent in a game ofmass genocide, but spectacularly detached from the humanity of it all – cold, calculating and remorseless“.