Intel report record revenues for 2004!

It was in the Q4 period of last year where things really starting to kick off. Their come-back for that year was up 10% over the prior year, and it was all thanks to a Christmas demand for processors, chipsets and motherboards. And of course slow and steady FlashMemory. Of which Intel has always dominiated the market in- despite Samsung desperatly trying to snatch the FlashMemory market share from.

Higher revenues where attributed to the flurry of mobile processors, which was alot better then expected. Also Xeon 64-Bit CPUs hit the 1 Million mark at the end of Q2, in terms of sales. Also Intels next generation Centrino wafer, dubbed Sonoma also started shipped last year, and gave a real kick to the financial status.

Interestingly enough 80% of Intels sales last year where from the 300nm wafer CPUS and 90nm. Intel did say however they are getting along in leaps and bounds with its 65nm cheap – which is a duel core based system for notebooks. The first facility to start manufacturing these will be the Fab12 plant, in Arizona. This is expected to kick off in 2006 for volume production, and one offs later this year. So we have a little wait for that, yet.

Sadly though AMD reported tough pickings for themselves in the Flash Memory market – but in retrospect from the off AMD had never intentially targeted such a market – given that its a very mature market, and may not be deemed viable in the long run.