Intec preps Nintendo DS accessories

Its an American press release but gives an idea what we can expect when the DS is released. Also handy news for you importers.!

/PRNewswire/ –Intec, Inc., the leading manufacturer of cross-platform video game accessories, today introduced a full line-up of accessories for the soon-to-be-released Nintendo DS gaming platform. The line-up, which is set to begin shipping in North America in conjunction with the launch of the Nintendo DS (date to be determined), will offer a full complement of products for the DS and is to include items such as a leather case, stylus pens, power adaptors, and more!First and foremost, DS players need to power up and charge for game play. Intec’s Road Power Kit (G1715 – MSRP $7.99), which plugs directly into a vehicle’s existing power outlet, delivers the power needed when on the road. Next, whether at work, school, or visiting with friends, Intec’s second power solution for the DS, the Power Max (G1716 – MSRP $8.99), offers users a lightweight A/C adaptor that’s easy to carry. This heavy-duty adaptor offers users a long-lasting power source for continuous game play. And lastly, Intec offers the ultimate charging station for the DS — the Dock It (G1710 – MSRP $11.99). By simply snapping the DS onto the stable, angled charging cradle, all users need do is plug in the A/C adaptor (sold separately) and their DS is displayed and charged while keeping it safe from bumps and scratches.

Next, Intec introduces the ultimate carrying case for the DS. The Safe Case (G1760 – MSRP $11.99), which features Intec’s flagship high-grade aluminum construction to withstand daily bumps and drops, features an auto-locking slide lock, a durable nylon carrying strap, and a customized interior cushion molding for a snug and protective fit. Another carrying option is the Leather Hipster (G1705 – MSRP $14.99), which allows users to carry their DS in top-grain leather style. Features include smooth black leather, heavy-duty stitching, a magnetic close button, and an easy-glide belt clip system that keeps the DS secure at all times.

Next, the lower screen of the Nintendo DS offers users PDA-like touch capabilities, meaning players no longer have to rely on just buttons to move characters or shift perspectives. With that in mind, Intec will offer users a Stylus Pen Set (G1712 – MSRP $8.99), which comes with 3 heavy-duty stylus pens. The pens feature a rugged metal and plastic construction with soft tips that are tough enough to keep up with the most hard-core road gamer. Next, Intec’s Safe Screens (G1709 – MSRP $4.99), which are geared to provide the DS screens with a protective transparent film, cling to the screens and can be removed by just peeling them off! With no messy glues to worry about, the Safe Screens are thin enough to maintain the sensitivity of the DS stylus, yet strong enough to prevent unwanted scratches.

Next, Intec offers a must-have for the serious gamer on the go – the Game Buds earphones (G1706 – MSRP $7.99). These high-quality stereo earphones, which allow users to play as loud as they want, feature an adjustable volume control, a mute button, and a retractable cord, allowing users to tuck away the cables and ear buds when not in use.

Lastly, Intec offers DS users the all-inclusive Starter Kit (G1780 – MSRP $14.99). The kit, which comes packed with the best accessories to maximize the DS gaming experience, features Intec’s Game Buds earphones, Safe Screen protection films, and the Road Power vehicle power adaptor.