InSomnia developers take to Kickstarter to finish off their dream

It was only a couple of weeks when diesel-punk RPG, InSomnia, was announced by Studio MONO to be coming to PC late in 2014. The studio has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $70,000, allowing them to finish off development of the game.

The studio mentions on their Kickstarter page that they were having troubles finding investors for the title;

Trying to secure funding from large investors and publishers for a game of this originality and cutting-edge design has proved impossible in the current risk-averse, sequel driven climate. Therefore our only remaining option is to turn to you – like- minded visionaries, gamers and fans – that can help us realize our dream by making this game a reality and to share in its success with us.

Stretch goals are included to spur on interest past the $70,000 goal, with the final stretch aiming for $150k to expand the crafting and economic system, adding a larger number of skills to the character system, increasing the depth of the A.I. and adding a whole new type of procedurally generated complete story missions for PvE, single player, and co-op modes.


Attached below is the Kickstarter video. If you want to help and show your support for the game, then head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge with one of the eight tiers they have to offer that include such bonuses as specialised weapons, custom game signs and high-quality printed posters.

Good luck to the team.