Info on Bloodborne’s DLC: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne’s first, and probably only, DLC is coming out this November and it’s called The Old Hunters. Some of you might remember that From Software originally stated that they were working on two DLC packs for Bloodborne, well they have decided to combine both packs into one in order to add more volume and consistency for players due to the content not being broken up. It took six months for the DLC to be officially announced and while talking to Eurogamer the games producer, Masaaki Yamagiwa, apologised to fans for the wait, in his words: “We’re sorry it took so long! But it’s as fast as was possible considering what’s in it.” It sounds like there’ll be a lot of content spread throughout the three areas that make up The Old Hunters eight hours, and all for £11.99.

What’s in the DLC? One area will be a blood-filled swamp with the games original area, Yharnham, acting as a backdrop. The DLC’s story will be based on ancient hunters trapped within a nightmare, and it builds upon story threads that were mentioned, but not fully explored, in the original game. Players will come across the DLC when certain, unspecified, conditions are met within the first half of the game. However, it’s designed for players that have beaten Bloodborne so if you’re new to the game you should probably avoid The Old Hunters for a while or you might just find yourself out of your depth.


Of course this is more than a map update, your arsenal will also receive an upgrade of around ten weapons, including a dagger that doubles up as a bow and a whip that transforms into a katana. There will also be some new NPCs added for you to summon, they will even be dotted throughout some of the original game’s areas. The last thing told to Eurogamer was that the Chalice Dungeons will remain untouched in the DLC but they might receive enhancements via free updates in the future.


The Old Hunters will release on the 24th of November, but a physical retail copy containing the original Bloodborne and its DLC will release on December 3rd.