Ikea Tv Girl Tadaa 2

IKEA doing new all-in-one HDTV device. Tech built into furniture

Ikea have announced they are taking a step away from their usual flat-pack furniture that will ALWAYS make you and the ones you love argue as you build them.

This step away is called the ‘Uppleva,’ an all-in-one entertainment device built directly into furniture. Ikea boast that it follows the same sleek and simple styling of their other products.

At the core of the Uppleva is an LED HDTV (which is available in various sizes). However there is more built-in – a Blu-ray player and a 2.1 sound system. There is also a wireless subwoofer included in the pack, giving you the option to place it where you want.

Depending on the size you get there will be different places to put your stuff – with the smaller ones having space for game console or two. The bigger ones have room for EVERYTHING including some old technology called ‘books.’

One of the bigger draws of the TV is a hidden compartment at the back that will store an assortment of leads to keep the out of the way. This can be open/closed to hide the stuff you add to the unit – with the Blu-ray to TV leads are already hid in there. Apparently any doors on the unit will be made from special stuff that lets remote control signals pass through (AKA magic).

Prices for the Uppleva will start at 6,500 Swedish crowns (£600) when it starts retailing in Swedish-based stores this coming autumn.

Here is a video that explains all above the device in a much better way than what I wrote – I thought the girl was Maggie Gyllenhaal for a while.